Metal Awnings

Oct 29, 2019 | Products

Awnings are traditionally thought of as being fabricated of a canvas or other heavy material and often are, but there is a great deal to be said for metal or aluminum awnings which is often overlooked.


Metal Awnings

A sheet metal or corrugated aluminum is actually the perfect material for covering a patio, doors, windows or even a free-standing construction. Like fabric awnings, metal awnings do require a frame, but these can be custom made to suit the final installation, and bolted and secured to an exterior wall and additional mountings as needed. There are not really a lot of integrity restrictions except that the design be engineered to support the awning which is generally heavier than a fabric awning. Framing can be designed to a desired angle or pitch to provide the best cover and armed supports at the low end of the pitch are recommended.

Metal or aluminum awnings can be fabricated in virtually any color which belies the argument that they are dull or industrial in appearance. Gleaming black awnings on this restaurant are trim, understated and attractive, and of course the blue awnings on a residential home add pop and design to these casement windows.

A great benefit of metal awnings is their durability. They last virtually forever and certainly longer than fabric awnings. Over time, color may fade, but that just calls for a new coat of paint and not an entire do-over. In addition, metal awnings are impervious to high-winds, heat, weather and even ice. It will take a fairly epic hailstorm to dent a good quality metal awning.