Santa Fe Shade Sails

Flying forms of geometrical structural fabric shapes, suspended between buildings posts or columns to create an artistic, functional feature, using a variety of solar shade meshes or solid reinforced fabrics.

Artistically create shade, flying geometrical shapes between posts, buildings or columns. Santa Fe Shade Sails are a functional feature providing shade while blocking 90% of harmful UV-rays. Custom designed, fabricated and installed sails ensure durable, functional and attractive shade for your outdoor living space. Commercial grade mesh fabrics, in a range of colors, is used on both commercial and residential projects to guarantee a stable and high quality sail.

Heavy duty turnbuckles and shackles are used to tension the sail in place and allow for removal of the fabric during winter months. Removing the fabric sail for winter storage will protect it from the weight of snow loads, and allow solar gain through windows and entryways to reduce heating bills in colder months. Re-install the fabric in the spring and if the sail is near a window or entry way it can help to keep summer cooling energy bills down.

Santa Fe Shade Sails are a creative modern look and often taking the place of pergolas, porches and gazebos. You may fly one geometric shade or several in one color or multiple depending on your artistic taste, sails may have 3, 4, 5 or 6 anchor points depending on the desired shade space.

Contact us today for a complimentary design consultation and estimate. If you prefer to install the sail please let us advise you with our expertise on anchor and post installation to ensure the stability of the custom sail.