Awnings for Businesses

Mar 14, 2019 | Products

The average business park or commercial structure tends to present a uniform look designed to accommodate and appeal to a variety of tenants. While the installation of fixtures and the ability to make modifications to the interior is of vital importance to a tenant, it is also just as important to apply changes to the exterior of the building, to windows and entryways specifically to visually define the space for customers and clients.

Signage is an obvious need; to be able to apply logos and the business name in a clear manner to the exterior defines a proprietary design to an otherwise often bland exterior. The entryway is the most important feature. A covering whether it is an awning, a shade sail or a patio cover is a visual marker and ideally, should complement signage and logo both in design and color. The covering will act as both a shelter and a visual cue to the business. A fixed covering such as this domed box awning presents a clean profile, complements the business logo colors and accents both the entrance and color features of the structure itself. A drop arm awning or retractable awning might have delivered in the same way. However the styling of a fixed awning offers a little more structural integrity over time without any moving parts. The frame is bolted to the exterior wall and will remain there. Over time, if a new tenant takes the space or the fabric ages, it can easily be replaced with new fabric to fit the frame.