Inside Out at Meow Wolf

Apr 5, 2018 | Customers, Products

We’re pretty excited to talk about the completion of one of our most recent projects. Meow Wolf Santa Fe has garnered national acclaim for it’s launch more than a year ago and draws visitors and locals alike to wonder and explore the “Immersive Experience”. Rooms and artist installations change our views of design and challenge perspective of our world.

Our irregular origami style awnings over the long entry portal are the first introduction to the Meow Wolf Santa Fe experience. We designed and crafted frames and mounts in welded steel triangles, each of slightly different dimensions to cover arched openings. Off white fabric blends with the color of the stucco faced building to appear as almost an architectural detail of the façade itself. Unlike many of our projects which are completed in the workshop prior to installation, the frames were mounted and fabric coverings added on site.

Upon entering Meow Wolf, the snacks and refreshments area ahead is decorated in soft colors, geometric shapes and even chairs are designed with origami shaped seats. Colored lighting hangs in clusters with other artists’ fabrications, and is diffused by our 3-dimensional shades in hexagonal designs. Our interior shades hold and diffuse the light. Our exterior awnings shield from and reflect the light. Whether you are inside or out, the perspective of both our awnings and light shades changes depending on your point of view.

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