Privacy Screening

Dec 18, 2017 | Products

Conventional ideas about privacy suggest rolling down your inside window blinds, whether it’s a simple vinyl window shade or a hanging blind with moveable slatting to adjust the light. We close our blinds for privacy, effectively shutting us in from view. It closes the house in.

Exterior shades can be used very effectively for privacy as well, with the use of colors or denser fabric in the construction. When seen from the exterior, the view is entirely obstructed of the interiors with dense fabric. When using a more open mesh fabric, the view is obstructed from angles, but not when seen head on. Deeper tones and color mesh fabrics will increase the obstruction of light and clarity of view from the exterior and interiors. In the winter months when your home is not obscured from view by foliage or if you spend long periods of time away from your home, the choice of darker or colored screening, or more opaque fabric may make more sense. Exterior privacy screening can be hung from the portal to extend the living space year round, or mounted directly to outside walls over large window areas. Both possibilities can be installed with either manual crank or remote, although with large screens, remote control is much easier. As with all exterior screening, whether it be more open mesh or denser fabric, areas are protected from the damaging effects of UV rays from the sun and chilling or hot winds. By reducing exposure to outdoor elements, you will also reduce both heating and cooling costs to the interior.