Shade Sail Design

Jun 14, 2017 | Products

As shade sails can be constructed in virtually any geometric shape and designed to cover nearly any area, you might as well have some fun with it. From a massive cover which will require some center supports to multiple sails to shield a large area, the first consideration is knowing the space below and how the sun moves over it during the day. Begin by defining the hot spots (those areas which

A single shade sail will protect most of the area below for the length of the day, and multiple sails can be erected to cover areas which will change in shading requirements. Note how a single square or rectangular sail can be used as a patio cover in roughly the same dimensions as the pad below. A patio table centered underneath will be shaded for many hours. Multiple sails over a seating area like the rooftop construction create a festive look and will shield changing space over the course of the sun’s path. Add some color in a separate shade sail or use two colors in a single large sail for a bold accent that changes the view of the exterior. Select from an array of neutral tones to blend with the existing architecture or a strong color palette to accent gardens or patio furniture. You can also consider layering multiple shade sails so that colors and shapes overlap.

Fabric is woven in a heavy mesh, and cut and sewn on the diagonal to stretch and curve overhead. Moisture and air can pass through, but light and burning UV rays are greatly reduced, creating a much cooler area below. Patio pavers, gravel paths and concrete walkways will be significantly cooler, as will the exterior sides of a home or business. You’ll be amazed at how this benefit also reduces cooling costs indoors during the warm months.