Patio Screening Choices

Jan 24, 2017 | Products

Patio screening offers the best solution to shield outdoor living spaces from wind as well as shielding from heat and damage from the sun’s burning UV rays. Fabricated of a durable vinyl construction, the weave allows for flexibility, some passage of air and a high degree of visibility from the interior.

Vinyl mesh is effectively impervious to mold, mildew, insect damage and will not fade or deteriorate in the sun. With a lifetime use of several years, warranties are typically available for 5 years, but screening can often be effective a number of years longer depending on it’s location and the climate.

Exterior screening is available in a seamless width to span between columns or supports, and for unusual demands Santa Fe Awning offers a monster seamless screen to cover a 26 foot span. Both manual and motorized mountings are standard. All outdoor screening should be clipped securely at the base to prevent damage in windy conditions. Outdoor areas protected by screening offer 90% to 95% shielding from UV rays which deters fading of fabric on patio cushions as well as interior colors in rugs, hardwood floors and artwork. Screen color choices vary from Graphite, Galaxy Black, Buckskin Tan, Spruce Green/Bittersweet, Black/Grey and Buffalo deep brown. Darker tones like Buffalo and Galaxy Black provide more visibility than some of the lighter colors, although all offer the same protection from sun and wind.

Sun protection is the foremost requirement cited for outdoor screening. Solar radiation through glass is responsible for nearly 20% of the load on air conditioners, and heat absorbed directly through outer wall’s exposure contributes to the interior temperatures as well. The savings on cooling costs by effective use of outdoor screening will vary across the country but in the southwest of the U.S. which enjoys more sunny days than the rest of the county, outdoor screening for south and western exposure can result in 20%-25% energy savings.