Shade Sails

May 1, 2014 | Products

New Mexico gets HOT in the summer! That sun blazes down from Las Cruces to Taos whether there is a breeze or not. With Las Cruces at 3,900 feet and Santa Fe at 7,000 feet, part of the issue is altitude. There are quite simply more UV rays penetrating a thinner atmosphere at altitude than at sea level.

Screens and awnings help keep your home or business cool, but what about the garden? the lawn? the pool and the patio?

Shade sails are custom designed and fabricated in our workshops of commercial grade 90% UV protection Coolaroo or Comtex materials. The cloth is designed to let breezes pass through and resists mold, mildew, insects and won’t fade. Each shade sail is designed to the specific requirements of the space, shaped with curved sides which nearly straighten when stretched to fit their moorings, and sewn with Gore Tenara thread. Our shade sails can last 15 years for May through October use. Do remember to take them down in the winter, as they are not meant to bear the weight of snow!

We enjoy the amazing sight that shade sails create for our customers’ landscaping. It’s an elegant enhancement to outdoor living spaces like forms in flight. As the sun passes over during the day, the shadows move beneath like huge birds above the patio. The array of colors to choose from means you can make an artistic statement with something bright like yellow, a neutral sand colored collection, or the drama of complementary colors.