Freestanding Shade Sails

Jun 12, 2018 | Products

Simply elegant or simply utilitarian, shade sails of any shape, any size or even any combination can be erected as freestanding cover to shield patios, pools, gardens and entryways from the sun. While shade sails can also be partially mounted to exterior walls, some of the most eye-catching are those erected to cover open spaces.

The choice of color can be subtle, to reduce the profile and blend with the surrounding area, or bold and complementary so as to draw attention to the shapes and enhance the view. The shape of a sail is determined by the area to be protected and can be a single large sail or multiple smaller sails, side by side or overlapping to create a pleasing geometric view. All freestanding shade sails are necessarily mounted on freestanding steel poles sunk into concrete footings. Corners are double sewn and heat sealed for strength, and fitted with clips so that the sails can be removed for winter storage. The fabric mesh is constructed with a looser weave than awnings and will allow air to pass through and some moisture when it rains. The mesh is also impervious to mold, mildew and insect damage and will not fade under a hot sun.

Shade sails mounted over garden or patio areas can be designed to cover planted areas, extend the shade from nearby trees, or placed to protect a seating area. Over swimming pools or water features such as fish ponds, the shade provided by a sail will keep water temperatures cooler. In addition, the concrete or stone surrounds will be cooler and thereby reflect less heat to the surrounding area, as well as providing shade for seating. As the sun passes overhead during the day, the areas cast in shadow below will change so that some garden areas may receive more or less sun by design, which is of great benefit to a variety of plantings.