Business Graphics for Awnings

Mar 9, 2016 | Products

We are bombarded with thousands of visual messages every day on the road, on TV, on T-shirts, on food packaging, in elevators, office buildings, airports and even in our own cars.

Exit arrows, men’s & women’s restroom icons, on and off buttons in red & green, falling rock zones, steep inclines, railroad tracks, no smoking, and even those inscrutable symbols on laundry tags in our clothing. They inform, instruct, warn, advise, direct and ultimately market the message. Your business graphics are your visual identity, whether it’s a stand out font spelling your name, a symbol in colors and graphics or a combination of the two.

Awnings over doors and windows create an entrance, a shelter, a shield from heat and bright sunlight, and reduce interior heating and cooling costs. By applying a logo and name to an awning at a place of business, you also market the company. Coffee, homebuilders, optician, law offices, piano bar and even the entrances to various exhibits at the zoo! Business graphics on your awnings tell customers and clients exactly where you are – no peering at street numbers. Creative awning designs, high color durable fabric that holds up for years in all kinds of weather, and hand stenciling and hand painting for the signage make the possibilities endless, and we are limited only by our imagination in how we can market our businesses. Awning signage is also a very green solution and economical alternative to additional exterior signage on the street or parking areas.