Awning Fabric Replacement and Repair

Nov 19, 2015 | Products

The winter months are a great time to consider minor repairs or replacement of your awnings, patio covers and outdoor screens. You’ll want that sun toasting the patios, porches and sides of your home or business anyway to cut down on interior heating costs. Rather than trying to let it go for another season and find that minor wear and tear is ripped by gusty winds in April or May (just when you need it!), look into it now.

Perhaps it’s just a minor repair and you really can get another season out of your awning. But if it’s more than that, we can replace the fabric for a new cover or screen and replace it in plenty of time for the coming warm months. And often it’s just a matter of a fabric replacement, and not building a whole new frame. Screening fabric has a 5 year warranty and that great Sunbrella we use for awnings and patio covers has a 10 year warranty. It’s not unusual to find that you can depend on our products to last beyond their warranty, but if it has expired, you can take advantage of the quiet winter for us to get the job done easily. When spring arrives you’ll be all dressed up and know that you’re covered.

The same goes for patio furniture. Spills from those summer barbecues that you never cleaned up well and the friction of use, can wear on patio furniture coverings. Since you’re not spending a lot of time outdoors now, don’t just put the cushions away! We’ll recover the cushions and custom built-ins while you don’t need them, and you’ll have a fresh, clean look to enjoy outdoors when the warm months return.